niedziela, 19 maja 2013

an inspiring figure

At the beginning I would like to excuse my readers, there won’t be a surprise this time. The character I would like to describe is magnificent Sigmund Freud. This Australian neurologist was mainly known from creating the psychoanalysis. He was well qualified doctor, who graduated University of Vienna and worked Vienna General Hospital connecting his hospital job and scientific researches . Thanks to his diligence Freud created and developed many therapeutic techniques such as the use of free association, dream analysis, early memories analysis - some of them are still used I psychotherapy. This new methodology of exploring their patients inner life allowed him to discover unknown aspects of human’s personality. I find this character inspiring not only because of his great intelligence and discovers but also for his personality and will of fight. The beginning of his career wasn’t easy. Freud as well as his theories was jeered and rejected by scientific environment. Regardless of those obstacles he continued his surveys until he reached a good reputation and followers. Even thought he was a hard tobacco smoker of a difficult character and a slight megalomania I still find him one of the greatest scientist of all time. Link to the trailer of "A Dangerous Method", movie based on Freud's life:

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  1. True, your choice is not surprising, considering your interests, but the man was by all means a genious. I must ask you though to correct his place of origin: He definitely wasn't born in Australia, was he? :)