wtorek, 4 marca 2014

The Night, the night

The Academy Awards Ceremony gathered a huge audience every year. Just in US it was seen by 43 million spectators and it was the biggest audience of the ceremony in a decade. The events of this type et size have often a political connotation what has happened also this time.The recent widely discussed problem are tensions between Ukraine and Russia. As expected, this topic appeared in ceremony's acceptance speeches. The Best Supporting Actor of 2013 - Jared Leto said: "To all the dreamers out there around the world watching this tonight in places like the Ukraine and Venezuela, I want to say we are here, as you struggle to make your dreams happen, to live the impossible, we're thinking of you tonight." [quote from: http://perezhilton.com]. Public searches supporting facing the war country are obviously commendable. But one thing bothers me the most. Was it before or after the speech when he realised that this freeze-frame of him is still circulating the Internet?

niedziela, 19 maja 2013

an inspiring figure

At the beginning I would like to excuse my readers, there won’t be a surprise this time. The character I would like to describe is magnificent Sigmund Freud. This Australian neurologist was mainly known from creating the psychoanalysis. He was well qualified doctor, who graduated University of Vienna and worked Vienna General Hospital connecting his hospital job and scientific researches . Thanks to his diligence Freud created and developed many therapeutic techniques such as the use of free association, dream analysis, early memories analysis - some of them are still used I psychotherapy. This new methodology of exploring their patients inner life allowed him to discover unknown aspects of human’s personality. I find this character inspiring not only because of his great intelligence and discovers but also for his personality and will of fight. The beginning of his career wasn’t easy. Freud as well as his theories was jeered and rejected by scientific environment. Regardless of those obstacles he continued his surveys until he reached a good reputation and followers. Even thought he was a hard tobacco smoker of a difficult character and a slight megalomania I still find him one of the greatest scientist of all time. Link to the trailer of "A Dangerous Method", movie based on Freud's life: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=664eq7BXQcM

wtorek, 12 marca 2013

Pluto the Space Dog

Five Card Story: Pluto the Space Dog

a Five Card Flickr story created by coffe-oh-god-yes

flickr photo by cogdogblog

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flickr photo by Serenae

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Pluto wasn't a common dog. Even though he looked like an ordinary labrador, he had a special little dream. "I wish I could be a human." he was reapeting this thought every day. " If I were a human I would do so many amazing things, like playing basketball. Unfortunately as a dog I'm not good at jumping not to mention crossover". But Pluto was not only extraordinary dog he was also smart. One night he seaked into his master's secret laboratory where he drank mysterious elixir created by his owner. The liquid was supposed to give a possibility of changing the body form but the potion was still at the stage of tests. Unexpectedly, Pluto who wanted to be a human was transformed into a reptilian. That night he cried a lot. Fortunately his wail was heard by a Lucky Star who decided to make him a dog once again.

wtorek, 15 stycznia 2013

If I were

If I were Reptilian I would be half human half reptile alien who is attempting to rule the world. My character  would play a significant role in modern ufology and conspiracy Internet theories. I would create plots  against humanity and gain political power to manipulate societies. My every day would be devoted to ruling the world and meetings with the most influential leaders who are Reptilians undercover. After such exhausting activities I would go shopping and hanging out with my friend Beyonce (who is also the Reptilian as well as many other celebrities ). If I were an alien  I would be forced to hide my real reptile appearance. I suppose I would look like a typical, pleasant human being (what allow me to gain people’s trust easily). So be aware who are you voting for…

If you want to know al little more about Reptilians and other out of space plot theories here is a website http://arcturi.com/ReptilianArchives/ReptilianFacts.html Or just put word “Reptilians” in google graphics – but use it wisely, it's a procrastination masterpiece.


niedziela, 13 stycznia 2013

school memories

     Childhood seems to be the happiest, and according to me quite crazy, period of life. Time of many discovers and naive attempts of understanding the world. Recently I had a great opportunity of coming back to those memories.
      When I was going back to my hometown for a weekend I’ve met my primary school friend. We haven’t seen each for a long time so our journey from Poznań to Zielona Góra became also a time travel to the period of our childhood. Among many events and funny situations we were also remembering our common participation in something called “Poczet sztandarowy”. It was quite ungrateful role, because we had to take part in every school  event like school’s appeals and reunions. We were holding the school flag pretending we have very significant role to play. It was extremely boring activity but it also had its  advantages – we could miss the classes and our extra obligations  justified our absences. What’s more, after some time we had realized nobody was checking us so we could skip many school hours by just telling we had had to practise or take part in some event. It’s hard to say but we used to use this excuse quite often (and time designated for our education we were devoting to hanging out and eating chips). I remember it because it was my first serious cheating involving an accomplice and a false alibi ;)

poniedziałek, 19 listopada 2012

get into the story ;)

                        It was getting dark. Agent Thompson was sitting in a car in front of a restaurant executing his obligations. Directions which he got from his superior were clear: “follow that man”. Once his agency had already got lost Mr. Black co it couldn’t happened again. But obey Mr. Black didn’t look like someone who is trying to escape. He was just sitting at the table getting drunk. His only activities were emptying glasses and calling a young waitress to get him another drink. At this time Thompson was getting really bored. He just wanted to get back home.  All this case considering Mr. Black seemed to be typical and boring like many others. What’s more he felt like he is getting ill. That wasn’t  surprising – during the evening it got very cold and wet outside. To kill time he started to remind himself some events from his life – the day he got married in Las Vegas to get divorced one week later, a mission during which he had serious problem s with coming back home because of getting late to the airport. Suddenly he realized that Black decided to go out. Standing at the sidewalk with empty eyes Black looked like a zombie. After sometime from behind the corner a taxi appeared. “Would you like to take a taxi? “ a driver asked. But black wasn’t interested in getting on the car. Thompson was getting really anxious. „What is happening?  He is neither planning to get to hotel nor getting back inside. Is he waiting for someone?” Suddenly a man appeared next to Black. When Thompson saw his face he already knew – this job will be different than the others.

sobota, 20 października 2012

eating out

The place which I would recommend isn't a typical restaurant. It's a pub and a restaurant connected with a modern art gallery. This vertisale place is called "Jazzgot" and it's located at one of the main streets in Zielona Góra. I have many nice memories connected with it, mainly because i have spent there plenty of time hanging out with my friends. But ther is one event witch I remember particularly. That were my friend's 18th birthday party. The atmosphere was exceptional. Dimmed lights, nice music and great food made a huge impression.

All the staff working there was friendly and efficient. I really enjoy spending time spending time there drinking my favourite cappuccino.