niedziela, 13 stycznia 2013

school memories

     Childhood seems to be the happiest, and according to me quite crazy, period of life. Time of many discovers and naive attempts of understanding the world. Recently I had a great opportunity of coming back to those memories.
      When I was going back to my hometown for a weekend I’ve met my primary school friend. We haven’t seen each for a long time so our journey from Poznań to Zielona Góra became also a time travel to the period of our childhood. Among many events and funny situations we were also remembering our common participation in something called “Poczet sztandarowy”. It was quite ungrateful role, because we had to take part in every school  event like school’s appeals and reunions. We were holding the school flag pretending we have very significant role to play. It was extremely boring activity but it also had its  advantages – we could miss the classes and our extra obligations  justified our absences. What’s more, after some time we had realized nobody was checking us so we could skip many school hours by just telling we had had to practise or take part in some event. It’s hard to say but we used to use this excuse quite often (and time designated for our education we were devoting to hanging out and eating chips). I remember it because it was my first serious cheating involving an accomplice and a false alibi ;)

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  1. Naughty! ;) BTW, I've checked, and "poczet sztandarowy" will be "standard bearers" in English.

  2. I remember that I used to admire people carrying standard bearers for unusual courage. ;p