poniedziałek, 19 listopada 2012

get into the story ;)

                        It was getting dark. Agent Thompson was sitting in a car in front of a restaurant executing his obligations. Directions which he got from his superior were clear: “follow that man”. Once his agency had already got lost Mr. Black co it couldn’t happened again. But obey Mr. Black didn’t look like someone who is trying to escape. He was just sitting at the table getting drunk. His only activities were emptying glasses and calling a young waitress to get him another drink. At this time Thompson was getting really bored. He just wanted to get back home.  All this case considering Mr. Black seemed to be typical and boring like many others. What’s more he felt like he is getting ill. That wasn’t  surprising – during the evening it got very cold and wet outside. To kill time he started to remind himself some events from his life – the day he got married in Las Vegas to get divorced one week later, a mission during which he had serious problem s with coming back home because of getting late to the airport. Suddenly he realized that Black decided to go out. Standing at the sidewalk with empty eyes Black looked like a zombie. After sometime from behind the corner a taxi appeared. “Would you like to take a taxi? “ a driver asked. But black wasn’t interested in getting on the car. Thompson was getting really anxious. „What is happening?  He is neither planning to get to hotel nor getting back inside. Is he waiting for someone?” Suddenly a man appeared next to Black. When Thompson saw his face he already knew – this job will be different than the others.

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