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the review

Californication – why God hates us all.
     Who Hank Moody is? The simplest answer sounds: depressed writer with addiction issues.
But such a thesis doesn't really reveal the truth about this character. Adding „blasphemer” 
makes it more complete, but if you want to know him better-watching one of the 
„Californication”episodes will be the best solution. 
     Hank, played by David Duchovny, is an erratic but esteemed writer who frequently gets
into trouble. Dealing with family issues, constant quarrels with the love of his life, 
incompetent agent and his daughters boyfriends Moody is always busy. Always. Sometimes 
he is really getting lost while balancing beetwen his own need of independence and 
expectations  of others he underestimates the value of his deeds. 
     Following Hank's life is like sightseeing Los Angeles with the eyes of the local. 
Directed in California series gives an  opportunity of seeing an amazing landscape of 
„The City of Angels”. But „Californication” is also a story about crisis of an artist who after 
releasing well-read book (titled „God hates us all”) can't create anything new.
     If you have got interested in chaotic, big-city life of a follen artist, I would strongly 
recomend you watching whole series, it's magificent. Trust me.

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