poniedziałek, 8 października 2012

the book

Holidays seems to be the best period to catch up with all of the book backlogs. I would like to reomend you a novel I've read recently - " The Bad Girl" by Mario Vargas. It's a story of Ricardo Somocurcio -succesfull translator who has one serious problem: he is in love with a bad girl.The story begins, when they met as a teenagers in Peru. Since then Ricardo's life won't be the same. The bad girl disaperas and reappears every and every time changes Ricardo's foreseeble existence into rollercoaster. The woman is a mysterious character - the main character and also the reader can not be confident. We dont even know her real name not to mension about her changable identity. Once we met her as a revolutionary, then a wife of English buissnessman or mistress of a strange Japanese. What is so fascinating about this story? It's very lively and ravising story of love, passion and human love games. Definitely worth reading.


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